We help create and manage hotel's social media and reputation across major social channels.

First, let's get one thing clear - social media won't grow your hotel bookings right away! Once you start your social media initiative, you would build the right connections; participate in the right conversations; and engage your target customers in right community channels; which might convert into bookings in near future. 

At emarketingpro.info - we help you achieve exactly that! 

Social Media has been hailed as the future for past 5 years, but it's importance has suddenly become a focal point in the past 6 months, when major search engines started integrating social media updates within their SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). Facebook crossed 500 million member count last month. Twitter is the fastest growing social network worldwide. YouTube is not just the top video site - it's the no.2 in search worldwide. The list goes on and on... 

With half the world internet users onto some type of social media - hotels who took advantage of this channel early on are seeing steady growth in their online revenues. 

How Social Media Optimization Can Help Your Hotel?


What We Offer Your Hotel? 

And, this is just one of the five modules under our 'Beta Program for Hotels' - we also help market your hotel on search engines, mobile and email marketing with an integrated approach to grow your direct bookings. 

Your customers are social - are you? 

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Hotel Search Marketing

Try our Hotel search marketing with monthly contract and 100% P4P moneyback guarantee. 

Hotel Social Media

Grow your branding on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin - and track your reputation & RoI.

Hotel Mobile Marketing

Grow your mobile presence with website, short codes, bulk sms(text) and more. 

Online Hotel Marketing Training

Want to run 'effective' campaigns in-house? Get your staff trained to do it better. Live & interactive training - not just reading up!