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Hotel Search Marketing

Try our Hotel search marketing with monthly contract and 100% P4P moneyback guarantee. 

Hotel Social Media

Grow your branding on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin - and track your reputation & RoI.

Hotel Mobile Marketing

Grow your mobile presence with website, short codes, bulk sms(text) and more. 

Online Hotel Marketing Training

Want to run 'effective' campaigns in-house? Get your staff trained to do it better. Live & interactive training - not just reading up!

How 100% P4P Works?

Step ONE

Hotel signs up and pays monthly campaign fee for next month. 

Step TWO

E-MARKETINGPRO discusses with hotel to finalize the target keywords and works on the on-page and off-page optimization. 


Conversions (bookings) during Campaign Month are tracked & compared with base data average(BDA) for past 6 months. 


If the booking count grows past the BDA - we calculate a commission only on the 'grown bookings' above BDA. 


If this value is less than the paid Monthly Campaign fee, we refund the difference amount to the Hotel within 2 weeks. 

Say WOW!!Hotel may go back to Step ONE and sign up for next month - and save money every month - paying only for booking growth performance.