We Help Grow Your Direct Bookings - On Search, Social Media, Email & Mobile

Increasing the count of direct bookings can grow any hotel's profitability multi-fold. At EMARKETINGPRO.INFO, we help hotels to create a presence, manage & grow direct bookings on all major online channels - search engines, social media, email & mobile.

We Measure Success In Booking Growth

Aren't you tired of traffic growth & top search ranking gimmicks? We are! We believe that growth in bookings should be the ultimate goal of your campaign. So, for a change, we measure success with bookings grown. We regret the inconvenience caused to other SEO firms.

100% P4P Money-back Guarantee on Booking Growth - We Perform Or Refund

We believe hotels should get a refund if we couldn't help with their growth. So, we offer a never-before 100% pay for performance money-back Guarantee on booking growth. This feature ensures that we put complete efforts every single month to grow your hotel bookings, taking the risk element on us completely.

In-house or Outsource - We Help You Decide With No Obligation

Online marketing campaign in-house or outsource is a big confusion among hotels. The simple fact is - having an enthusiastic team is just not enough. We train your hotel staff in online marketing and empower you to decide whether to in-house or outsource your campaign.

We Charge Fee Only On Growth We Bring - Stop Over-paying For Under-performance

Would you love the option to NOT pay for below par performance? We heard you! First, you can rest assured that our work is measured in terms of conversion growth - which directly adds to revenues. Second, in rare case we couldn't grow your bookings, we don't charge any fee.

No Binding Long-term Contracts - Pay As You Go, For One Month or Four or Ten

Yes, we know hotels don't want to be tied to a long term payment contract irrespective of performance. You can actually use our services on a monthly 'Pay-as-you-go' option. Terminate contract after three, or five, or even one month. And, you can always come back within the membership year, when you need us again.